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    Thank Goodness for Summer!

    You might recall that I’m going to school to become a MLT. This Spring I had three classes- Spanish 102, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and Intermediate Algebra. All three classes were difficult and when we switched to 100% online classes because of COVID-19, I had a really hard time. But I’m happy to say that despite withdrawing from Spanish 102 to try to retake in the future, I just managed to pass math and A&P II. And when I say just, I mean just barely. But I passed and I won’t need to think about those classes again.

    Of course this is just a really long winded way to say I have had no time to make new designs for you, and I’ve been so stressed and mentally exhausted over the last 15 weeks. So yeah. Thank Cthulhu its over!

    I have purchased some really cool stuff from other creators during this difficult time. Check these listings out!

    You know how much I love insects, especially bees, and this pattern had to be added to my collection! From AwesomePatternStudio.

    Next I saw this beautiful beetle by KHANNAHandILAN.

    I also bought a really lush, vibrant, and just incredibly colored skein of light fingering/heavy laceweight yarn from JulieSpins. I wanted to buy a lot more, but one skein is still a very nice treat.

    And I apparently liked this pattern design so much I accidentally bought it twice! Thankfully the shop owner was really understanding about my mistake, but its such a great and funny design!

    I hope you didn’t mind me rambling on, but hopefully these provided a little inspiration to you as well!

    Happy stitching!

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    My Current Project

    I’m working on a piece with 4 different insects right now (fourth insect still to be determined) using free patterns from DMC. They have so many patterns, including lots of nature-themed ones and a lot of more traditional designs. I have a whole binder full of their great patterns just waiting to be stitched!

    I am about 1/3rd done with the butterfly and I’m hoping to finish it up this week. One color at a time, one stitch at a time, right? 🙂

    I’m past the halfway point in this semester, so hopefully when the summer semester begins (which I’m taking off) I can do some real crafting!

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    Oh My Eyes and Tentacles!

    Wanna see another awesome pattern I purchased? Check out this fantastic Heackle’s Squid that reminds me of beautiful, old illustrations.

    You can buy this pattern on Etsy from SydneyLeeStitchery plus tons of other really nice designs! This isn’t the only one I bought from that shop, but I’ll save that for another day.

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    Home is Where…

    I just purchased this super cute pattern from LilyPatternStudio on Etsy!

    Home is where the Cats are

    Remember in this difficult and possibly confusing time, that small businesses, and especially artists and creators, need your support! Even if you only spend two or three dollars, we really appreciate it!

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    I made this quick stitch for my Nutrition instructor. I based it off of this pattern by NTstudio.

    My version is much smaller, but it’s the same basic layout. I also added backstitching around the light gray bits so they would stand out more against the oatmeal colored Aida.

    My instructor loved it, gave me a huge hug, and thanked me about ten times. It was a really good class, and I like to show my appreciation for my instructors. Teachers deserve a lot more credit!