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    Thank Goodness for Summer!

    You might recall that I’m going to school to become a MLT. This Spring I had three classes- Spanish 102, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, and Intermediate Algebra. All three classes were difficult and when we switched to 100% online classes because of COVID-19, I had a really hard time. But I’m happy to say that despite withdrawing from Spanish 102 to try to retake in the future, I just managed to pass math and A&P II. And when I say just, I mean just barely. But I passed and I won’t need to think about those classes again.

    Of course this is just a really long winded way to say I have had no time to make new designs for you, and I’ve been so stressed and mentally exhausted over the last 15 weeks. So yeah. Thank Cthulhu its over!

    I have purchased some really cool stuff from other creators during this difficult time. Check these listings out!

    You know how much I love insects, especially bees, and this pattern had to be added to my collection! From AwesomePatternStudio.

    Next I saw this beautiful beetle by KHANNAHandILAN.

    I also bought a really lush, vibrant, and just incredibly colored skein of light fingering/heavy laceweight yarn from JulieSpins. I wanted to buy a lot more, but one skein is still a very nice treat.

    And I apparently liked this pattern design so much I accidentally bought it twice! Thankfully the shop owner was really understanding about my mistake, but its such a great and funny design!

    I hope you didn’t mind me rambling on, but hopefully these provided a little inspiration to you as well!

    Happy stitching!

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    My Current Project

    I’m working on a piece with 4 different insects right now (fourth insect still to be determined) using free patterns from DMC. They have so many patterns, including lots of nature-themed ones and a lot of more traditional designs. I have a whole binder full of their great patterns just waiting to be stitched!

    I am about 1/3rd done with the butterfly and I’m hoping to finish it up this week. One color at a time, one stitch at a time, right? 🙂

    I’m past the halfway point in this semester, so hopefully when the summer semester begins (which I’m taking off) I can do some real crafting!