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    Stickers, Stickers, and Did I Mention Stickers?

    I love stickers. When I was a little girl, I had a sticker album, and adding a new sticker was always super exciting! Especially puffy stickers! Those were really special.

    As an adult, I still love stickers, but my tastes have changed a little. And as an adult, I spend too much time on Twitter at night when I should be sleeping. That’s how I met Julie, of JulieRavenArt on Etsy. She makes great art with attitude and some of that art gets turned into stickers. Awesome stickers.

    This is just one of her designs, and I don’t own this one… Yet. These are two I did buy, adorning my laptop.

    JulieRavenArt on Etsy or @cuteasheckate on Twitter.